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Lading Manager (full) Revision History


Suggestions for software changes are always welcome. Most of the changes in Lading Manager are the direct result of user suggestions. Please go to the Contact page to request your change.


Version 5.21 12/17/2020
  • Fixed bug that caused importing BOLs from outside databases to throw an error message.

Version 5.20 11/04/2020
  • Added an "Alternate Hazmat" BOL style.

  • Increased descriptions from 40 characters to 60 to accommodate the Alternate Hazmat BOL.

  • Added new fields for the Alternate Hazmat BOL that appear on the "Alt Hazmat" tab when editing.

Version 5.10 02/25/2020
  • Increased origin code to 25 characters (from 10).

  • Import from external database can now import multiple orders at once.

  • A master BOL may be automatically produced on-the-fly from imported BOLs.

  • Master BOL templates for Home Depot (XDxx and special XD07) have been added.

  • Multiple PDFs from the bill manager may be created at one time.

Version 5.00 08/12/2018
  • Added GS1-128 Serial Shipping Container labels.

  • Reduced point size on Special Instructions to accommodate more text.

Version 4.76 02/11/2018
  • Special update for one customer.

Version 4.75 10/14/2017
  • Fixed reports dll open error.

Version 4.742 10/09/2017
  • Added Trailer number to the BOL look-up.

Version 4.741 09/29/2017
  • Changed "DOT" to "Department of Transportation".

Version 4.74 08/23/2017
  • Added 4x6 roll labels to pallet label printing.

Version 4.73 06/02/2017
  • Resized the bill look up grid so that it works better with different Window font schemes.

  • Increased the carrier and pro number font sizes on the pallet label 4 by 3.

Version 4.72 01/25/2017
  • Added a customized BOL for a specific customer.

Version 4.71 01/05/2017
  • Added a special BOL for Wal-Mart

Version 4.700 12/16/2016
  • Added a special BOL for Canada that include french headings.

Version 4.600 10/18/2016
  • Fixed 4x3 label to allow 4 lines of consignee address.

  • Added lookup maintenance screens for packing slip fields.

  • Dropped support for Windows operating systems before Windows 7.

Version 4.510 11/18/2015
  • Revised option to prevent BOL printing to include CID#, SCAC, and Customer Order Information.

Version 4.500 11/12/2015
  • Switched to HTML help viewer.

  • Resized the Customer Order Information and Carrier Information grids to fit the screen better.

  • Added ability to specify freight charges on a line-by-line basis on the Carrier Information grid. This is an optional feature.

  • Removed all references to Cheetah software. This feature was never implemented by the customer that requested it, and it causes confusion for it to be on the screens.

  • Added ability to delete multiple carrier information lines at a time.

  • Added 4" x 3" label for special printers that can produce this type.

  • Added "Internal Charge" values to replace the SID # on BOLs. This is controlled through the Defaults screen (BIll page).

  • Added option to prevent BOL printing unless SID, CID and Pro Number fields have values.

Version 4.4400 08/20/2014
  • Revised BOLs to print "Page x of y" on all pages.

  • Revised BOLs with hazmat items to have the option to print the hazmat marked items first. This option is by default set to NOT print hazmat items first and must be turned on in the Defaults maintenance, Print page.

  • Revised BOLS with hazmat items that exceed one page to print "HAZARDOUS MATERIALS - SEE ATTACHED SUPPLEMENT PAGE(S)" on first page. It will also mark the hazmat column on the first page.

Version 4.4300 06/12/2014
  • Added the ability of copying (cloning) predefined carrier information.

  • Added carrier tariff document field to carriers maintenance.

Version 4.4200 04/19/2014
  • Added the ability of connecting to an external database via ODBC.

  • Expanded SID and CID fields from 25 to 50 characters.

  • Expanded Weight columns to accommodate larger numbers.

  • Changed the Packing Slip screen to allow look-ups for the PO Type, Department No., Vendor No., and Payment Terms fields. Also added a pop-up to the P.O. # field that will allow it to be filled in from either the SID, CID, or Customer Order Number (first line) fields.

Version 4.4100 02/13/2014
  • Revised the "Import Misc. Files" to allow multiple "BOL Special Instructions" lines and multiple "BOL Hazardous Materials Statement" lines when importing BOL files.

  • Added the ability to print BOLs from the Bill Manager.

  • Modified "Import Misc. Files" to print all newly imported BOLs. This will ask if you want to do this upon successful importing.

  • Modified "Import Misc. Files" to allow numbering the fields in an Excel column format.

Version 4.4000 02/03/2014
  • Added "Packing Slip" screen and report.

  • Modified setting the Special Instructions for a Master BOL to only put up to 10 in the instructions and to put the remainder in the Customer Order Information (as recommended by VICs).

  • Added "Related Documents"

Version 4.3000 01/20/2014
  • Added the ability to have the program set the Special Instructions for master and underlying BOLs.

Version 4.2100 12/31/2013
  • Added Carrier Master List report.

  • Fixed bug in report query screen.

Version 4.2000 12/17/2013
  • Added lot number tracking to carrier information records.

  • Added Lot Report.

  • Added ETA date to BOL screen and Bill Manager.

Version 4.1.1 (4.11) 08/23/2013
  • Added ability to override the external database connection string for importing.

Version 4.1000 08/05/2013
  • Added the ability to import an order from an external database.

  • Updated internal field types to conform to SQL Server 2005 and above.

Version 4.0000 10/05/2012
  • Added folder for report templates (Query folder) to the LadingConnect.ini file. This may now be a UNC reference.

  • Revised registration to use a permanent registration numbering scheme.

  • Revised "Check for Updates" to download update from within the program.

Version 3.3.1 09/07/2012
  • Fixed bugs in defaults.

  • Fixed bugs in BOL importing.

Version 3.3 04/02/2011
  • Added Cheetah Software export interface.

  • Added "BOL Export 1" export interface for Quickbooks users.

Version 3.2 11/02/2009
  • Revised bill to have a cleaner look.

  • Added default setting for Weight labels (lbs or kg).

  • Eliminated using Crystal Reports. This also eliminated the "Report Options" screen for setting margins.

  • Added default setting for Check (check vs cheque).

  • Added default setting for Liability Limitation statement (U.S. or Canada).

  • Had to remove Dymo label printing as Dymo has dropped developer support.

  • Added "Closed Bills by State or Province" report.

  • Added "Closed Bills by Carrier" report.

  • Reworked export to Excel to be faster. Removed export to Word.

Version 3.1 11/01/2008

  • Added SCAC, Division, and Department to export freight for accrual.

  • Changed report viewing to use a copy of the report template in order to side step Windows sharing locks.

Version 3.0 04/01/2008

  • Added pull-down calculator to the weight field on Carrier Information.

  • Added Inventory module.

  • The File selection on the main screen pull-down menu will now list the last 10 bills accessed. Simply click on the bill to re-open it.

  • Added "Shipped?" field to each BOL.

  • Added default for setting the third party freight charges field.

  • Added a new import interface for creating BOLs from orders received.

  • Revised the way in which carrier information is added. Now, you may also edit an existing record without deleting and re-adding.

  • Revised the way in which customer order information is added. Now, you may also edit an existing record without deleting and re-adding.

  • Revised the creation of the BOL to allow for a varying length EAN/UCC prefix.

  • Added new interface to export freight for accrual.

  • Added rating amount to BOL. This is used in the new export freight for accrual.

Version 2.8 06/22/2006

  • Added automatic save when BOL print files are created.

  • Added ability to password protect the SA login for the MSDE.

  • Added ability to move BOLs to a history status.

  • Resized controls better for larger resolutions.

  • Changed registration procedures.

Version 2.7 06/03/2005

  • Program will not exit without saving BOL.

  • Added Special Instructions default to Consignee file.

  • Added Hazardous Materials default to Consignee file.

  • Added table rebuild feature to the Create Files and Upgrade programs.

Version 2.6 05/09/2005

  • Added freight charges.

  • Added Freight Charges Report.

  • Added option to set default printer for Lading Manager session.

  • Added option to ask for the default printer on startup.

Version 2.501 04/07/2005

  • Added option of skipping "nn" number of pallet labels on the first page of labels when printing in the "nn of nn" format.

Version 2.5 04/01/2005

  • Fixed problem that showed an incorrect barcode when emailing BOL.

  • Origin, Carrier, and Consignee maintenance will position to the corresponding record that the current BOL has assigned.

  • Added Freight Charges default for adding new consignees.

  • "nn of nn" quantity format was added to all pallet labels. This is controlled in defaults maintenance.

  • City, State (or Province) and Postal code were added to the Daily Summary Report and to the Carrier Report.

  • Added tracking status and tracking notes.

Version 2.4 10/11/2004

  • Added Dymo label printing.

  • Added carrier name print option to pallet labels.

  • Revised BOL printing and e-mailing to bypass Crystal Reports multi-page print problem. As a result, the print page of the BOL was changed to provide a button that will simply create the BOL print files. Then, a screen is presented from which the BOL may be viewed, printed, and e-mailed. Another result of this change is that multi-page BOLs will now e-mail as one e-mail with multiple PDF attachments.

  • Changed maintenance screens' delete function to hold position in the list after completing the delete. (Rather than always returning to the top.)

Version 2.3 08/19/2004

  • Pallet labels for Avery types 5164, 5165, and 5168 were added.

Version 2.201 (06/05/2004)

  • This minor revision made the Origin, Carrier, and Consignee lookups on BOL input to default to 'Name' in the Search field, making look-ups faster.

Version 2.20 (06/01/2004)

  • Maintenance for carriers, origins, etc., will not allow embedded quotes in the Number field. (They cause SQL Server errors.)

  • New BOL and Supplement form styles have been added that do not have a "Customer Order Information" area. As a result, "Carrier Information" size is now 11 lines on the BOL (up from 5) and 45 lines on the Supplement (up from 21). You can specify either form style on each bill. Use "Tools - Preferences" to set the default when adding new bills.

  • Made maintenance screens display correctly when using dual monitors.

  • Predefined Carrier Information has been changed to allow multiple lines (up to 5 additional). This feature will allow you to define multiple-line Carrier Information entries. When to add a multiple line Predefined Carrier Information to a bill, all non-blank lines will be added. (Once on the bill, they will be treated as individual lines.)

Version 2.10 (11/21/2003)

  • Added phone numbers to BOL.

  • Fixed COD to not print anything if disabled.

  • Fixed Import help F1 to display correct topic.

  • Fixed all maintenance notebooks to not overlap the lookup table.

Version 2.01 (10/28/2003)

  • Allow weights greater than 32,767.

  • Fix predefined carrier information select.

  • Added option to save bar code as a BMP file.

  • Fixed import copy button.

  • Fixed import print button.

Version 2.00 (07/28/2003)

  • MAJOR REWRITE. Software now uses Microsoft SQL Server as its database repository.

  • Software now uses VICS BOL format. (See

  • Network version now available.

  • Added extended weight calculations.

  • Added security with individual logons.

  • Mass bill deletions now allowed.

  • Added ability to print multiple pages and set the preferred number of pages as a default.

  • Origins, Carriers, Consignees, Equipment, and Bills can be imported from outside sources.

This is where Lading Manager and Lading Manager Lite split. Revision history prior to this may be found under Lading Manager Lite.

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