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Lading Manager Lite Revision History


Suggestions for software changes are always welcome. Most of the changes in Lading Manager Lite are the direct result of user suggestions. Please go to the Contact page to request your change.


Version 5.3300 (06/05/2018)

  • Fixed bugs in summary report and pallet labels

Version 5.3200 (04/27/2018)

  • Added 4" x 6" roll labels

Version 5.3100 (07/15/2015)

  • Changed to use HTML help
  • Fixed problem with program hanging when returning from maintenance screens.

Version 5.3000 (08/27/2013)

  • Added a new BOL print layout that adds more detail lines, but removes the legal and COD area.
  • Added a new BOL print layout that is 5.5" tall (for dot matrix printers).

Version 5.2003 (08/08/2013)

  • Fixed bug on BOL edit screen that prevented the selection of the "Rush" carrier service.

Version 5.2002 (08/01/2013)

  • Fixed "US to Canada" customs button's caption.
  • Changed the software to run with lesser Windows requested privileges.

Version 5.2001 (06/25/2013)

  • Added the ability to specify default email text.
  • Added the ability for multiple copies of bills of lading to have copy names.
  • Moved the timestamp to the bottom of the bill.

Version 5.2000 (06/22/2013)

  • Added the ability to print the consignee on the right side of the BOL.
  • Added subject and body to email send screen.
  • Added "Service" to carrier and BOL.

Version 5.1004 (06/17/2013)

  • Changed the emergency field to print as red on the BOL.

Version 5.1003 (06/04/2013)

  • Added customs forms for US to Canada, Canada to US, and NAFTA.
  • Added ability to print timestamp on the BOL.

Version 5.0000 (08/23/2012)

  • Darkened the headings of the "Bill Details" grid.
  • Added a new, permanent registration scheme.

Version 4.0200 (03/15/2012)

  • Fixed 3rd Party to not print "Remit To" label.

Version 4.0100 (03/07/2012)

  • Added encrypted e-mail registration.

Version 4.0000 (11/11/2011)

  • Added ability to pull names and addresses onto a bill from a Rig Expense Tracker open load.
  • Changed the "Check for Updates" to download updates directly from the website and launch the update program.
  • Expanded the emergency fields to 120 characters.

Version 3.30 (03/31/2011)

  • Added weight type (lbs or kg) to bill "Weight" heading. Use defaults screen to set.
  • Expanded emergency field from 30 to 60 characters.
  • Added ability to renumber a bill.

Version 3.20 (03/11/2011)

  • Added "3rd Party" to freight charges.
  • Added search boxes to carriers, consignees, equipment, and origins maintenance screens.

Version 3.10 (02/02/2011)

  • Added Special Instructions lock.
  • Added Avery 5126 label layout.

Version 3.00 (10/04/2010)

  • Major rewrite of the user interface.

Version 2.70 (04/30/2010)

  • Revised backup/restore to delete temporary files more efficiently.
  • Added SMTP port number to email defaults.
  • Resized grids per screen display width.
  • Allowed all grid column sizes to be changed and remembered.

Version 2.60 (11/16/2009)

  • Added "File - Save As New Bill" to allow cloning an existing bill.
  • Added search field on bill look-up screen.
  • Added "Shipped" flag to "Bill" page. Bills marked as shipped will now display as green on the Bill Manager screen.
  • Added "Freight Charges" to "Bill 2" page.
  • Added "Closed Bills by Carrier" and "Closed Bills by State or Province" reports.
  • Expanded Consignee and Origin name & address fields to 40 characters.
  • Added "Blank" as an option for Freight Charges terms.

Version 2.50 (07/31/2009)

  • Changed registration to attempt to "Complete Registration" when pending period expires
  • Due to old/non-updated tools provided by Dymo, the references to Dymo label have been removed.
  • Added phone number on "Deliver To" line.

Version 2.40 (04/15/2009)

  • Added ability to import data from a Fast-PO data file. See for more information regarding the purchase order software, "Fast-PO."
  • Added special instructions box.
  • Changed equipment to allow up to 5 lines of description per part.
  • Defaulted all "..." look-up fields to sort by name.
  • Added Emergency contact field under shipper's signature.
  • Added ability to have special instructions on labels.

Version 2.30 (01/28/2009)

  • Added ability to move detail lines up and down.
  • Added ability to duplicate a detail line.
  • Added ability to copy (clone) consignees, carriers, and origins
  • Added ability to back up and restore files from within the software.
  • Added ability to upload a backup to ALMSys, Inc.

Version 2.20 (04/01/2008)

  • Revised directory structure to be more compatible with Windows Vista. This splits the data between the Program Files folder and a separate data folder, whose location is based on the OS on the computer.

  • Added "Bill 2" page for new declaration fields.

  • Added pallet labels and Dymo (CoStar) labels.

  • Added Consignee signature line at bottom of bill.

  • Added more e-mail addresses and revised e-mail selection for BOLs

Version 2.10 (02/14/2008)

  • Added carrier address to BOL.

  • Changed HazMat fields to be character, rather than numeric. This way, you can "X" the field.

  • Change BOL page numbering to be "Page nn of nn" format.

  • Added shipper certification clause.

Version 2.01 (11/11/2007)

  • Revised edits to disallow blank Number fields for Origins, Consignees, Carries, and Equipment.

Version 2.00 (08/26/2007)

  • Changed database from Borland Database Engine (BDE) to Advantage. This is required for Windows Vista.

  • Revised BOL and added space for a 1-inch by 1-inch logo in the upper, left-hand corner.

  • Added option to suppress automatic check for program update.

  • Bills may be exported as a PDF.

  • Bills may be emailed to the origin, carrier and/or the consignee (as PDF attachment).

  • Changed Reference/PO so that the "Ref./PO:" on the BOL is optional. See Defaults page to change.

  • Added ability to mass delete old BOLs.

  • Added option to default to a "Home" or first carrier on new bills.

  • Added option to specify a default "Vehicle Number" or "Pick-Up Date & Time" value on new bills.

  • Added option to specify a default "Route" or "Delivery Data & Time" value on new bills.

Version 1.60 (01/26/2007)

  • Made the Reference/PO a larger font on the BOL. This prints in parenthesis on the right side above the origin name. Also, changed the format so that it will identify the data, like: "(Ref./PO: xxxxxxx)."

Version 1.50 (01/26/2006)

  • Product renamed from "Lading Manager (tm)" to "Lading Manager Lite" to differentiate from the full version of the Lading Manager.

  • Revised registration procedures.

  • Made screen controls expand to fill different screen resolutions better.

  • Disabled the French language version.

  • Added automatic check for updates every 90 days.

Version 1.40 (12/02/2001)

  • Added ability to copy an existing bill to a new bill.

  • Added Reports page and Summary Report (English only)

  • Fixed bill to print the shipper name correctly in "Section 7" signature area.

  • Added ability to use a specific origin in the "Remit To" area.

  • Added French (Canadian) as option.

Version 1.30 (09/20/2001)

  • Added ability to specify Consignee as "remit to" (or "bill to" for 3rd party billing).

Version 1.20 (07/11/2001)

  • Changed bill details to a courrier font for easier readability.

  • Added "Hazmat Reg. Number" to Carrier file and printed on bill.

  • Increased the font size of "Date" and "BOL #" fields.

  • Added "Vehicle Number" field and ability to toggle label to "Pick-Up Date & Time". Added Default field.

  • Added "Route" field and ability to toggle label to "Delivery Date & Time". Added Default field.

  • Suppressed "Remit To" on third party bills.

  • Added ability of automatically filling in "Signature of Consignor" with Shipper Name.

Version 1.11 (06/12/2001)

  • Fixed bug dealing with hyphen in bill number.

Version 1.10 (04/25/2001)

  • Changed "Shipper" to "Company."

  • Added "Origins" file to allow for multiple Shippers.

  • Added ability to use Lading Manager as a third party shipper.

  • Added Origin and Consignee reference/po number fields. These will print on the bill above the name and in parenthesis.

  • Added Carrier, Origin, and Consignee phone numbers on the printed bill.

  • Changed "Shipper No." label to "BOL #" on the printed bill.

Version 1.02 (04/04/2001)

  • Fixed registration to be smoother.

Version 1.01 (03/24/2001)

  • Added direct link to online registration site.

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