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Shipper Maintenance

This page is used to store your business name and address information. This information is NOT used as origin information on bills, but rather as the address to which payments are remitted.

Top of Page
The fields at the top of this page are used to store your business' name and address. You will notice that all addresses used in this software will allow two lines of addresses, as well as city, state (or province), postal code, and country.

This system was written for businesses in the USA. If your destination is outside the US, please note that you may need additional (and possibly different) forms than this system produces.

COD or Ship-To Remit To Address
If your COD or Ship-To payments are to be sent to the same address as that at the top of the screen, then you do not need to fill in the fields in this area. Otherwise, please provide the name and address to where these payments are to be sent.

Where to go Next
Don't forget to click the save button to save your changes.

After initially setting up your company information, the next step is to input the names and addresses of your shipping origins. Please go to the Origins Maintenance by clicking the button. Then click here to continue.