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Origins Maintenance

This page is used to store the names, addresses, and other related information of the shipping origins that you use. Origins must be established on this screen before they may be used on a bill.

Screen Layout
The entire list of your origins is displayed on the left side of the screen. This list may be sorted by either column. Click on the column title to reorder the list by that column. Origin information is changed on the right side of the screen.

Adding an Origin
Press the Add button to add a new origin. A new origin will be established with "New" as its Origin Number.

Origin Number
Each origin that you input must be assigned a unique origin number (or I.D.). This number can be up to 10 characters long and may contain any character on the keyboard, except quotes ( ' or " ). Unless you use a large number of origins, it is recommended to keep this field simple.

A special origin number of Home should be used for your main shipping origin. If you are a single-company shipper, then create one origin using "Home" as the Origin Number (along with your main name and address information). Then, in Defaults Maintenance, set the default to "Home" Origin. This will always establish your origin as your home office.

Other Fields
Most of the fields on this page should be self-explanatory. The fields that may need further explanation are:

This is used to store the e-mail address of the origin. Press the EMail button in front of the field to send an email to the origin.

This is used to store the website address of the origin. Press the Web button in front of the field to go to the origin's website.

This is used to store the default emergency contact phone number for the origin. It will automatically be added to the bill when new bills are added.

Press the Notes button to view and edit notes for the origin. This information does not print anywhere and may be as many lines as you wish.

Tax ID
This is used to store the tax i.d. information for printing on the customs forms.

Press the Save button to save your changes.

Editing an Origin
Origin information may be changed at any time. Simply locate the origin in the list on the left and click on it in the list. Then, change the information on the right side of the screen as needed. Don't forget to press the Save button when you are finished.

Deleting an Origin
An origin may be deleted from the list as long as it is not being referenced by any of the bills in the system. To delete an origin, locate the origin in the list on the left and click on it. Then, press the Delete button . You will be asked to confirm the delete.

Copying an Origin
Origins may be copied (cloned) to a new origin. The new record will have the same key with a different last character. To copy, position the list to the desired record. Then, press the Copy button . All fields will be copied to the new record.

Where to go Next
After initially setting up your origins, the next step is to input the names and addresses of your carriers. Please go to Carriers Maintenance by clicking the button. Then click here to continue.