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Thank you for using "Lading Manager Lite!"

This program is designed to produce bills of lading and to track prior bills. (The system was written for businesses in the USA and Canada.)

Stores all of the carriers' names,  addresses, and contact information that you need
Stores all of the consignees' (destinations) names, addresses, and contact information that you need
Allows for multiple shippers (origins) and third party shippers.
Keeps carrier's default COD fee so you don't forget to include it
Allows you to place your logo on the bill of lading
Remembers if consignee pays the COD fee or if it is prepaid
Remembers if consignee pays the freight charges or if they are prepaid
Automatically numbers the bill of lading with a numbering scheme you define
Stores the items (parts or other descriptions) that you commonly use on your bills
No special forms are needed. Will print the entire bill on your laser (or inkjet) printer using blank paper.
Bills may be e-mailed to the origin, carrier, and/or consignee in a PDF format.
Has the ability to import Fast-PO data files (see

Unregistered versions of "Lading Manager Lite" will restrict its usage so that you can see what it will do before you purchase the software. These restrictions are lifted upon payment and registration. Registration information can be found in help topic How to Register.

Folders Used
The release of Microsoft Vista/Windows 7 forces programs to store their data files separately from that of the programs. Lading Manager Lite used to store all of its program and data files in the C:\Program Files\Lading Manager folder. Now, the folders used are based on the operating system installed. Here are the typical locations:

  • 7, 8, 10: C:\Program Files\ALMSysInc\LadingLite

    If you upgraded from an earlier version of Lading Manager Lite prior to 2.2, then the program folder will most likely be C:\Program Files\Lading Manager.

    This folder contains only the programs required to run Lading Manager Lite. No data files are used from this folder.

    Data Files
    The location of the data files folder is stored in the programs folder in a file named "LaLtConnect.ini." Simply double click on the file to view its contents.
  • 7/8/10: C:\ProgramData\ALMSysInc\LadingLite
  • NT/2000/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ALMSysInc\LadingLite (No longer supported.)
  • 95/98/ME: C:\Windows\Application Data\ALMSysInc\LadingLite (No longer supported)

    This folder contains all of the data files, logo files (in the logos folder), and any other file that is created or modified by the Lading Manager Lite program.