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Revision History

Changes since version 1.00 (most recent is listed first):

Version 5.33 (06/05/2018)
  • Fixed bugs in reports and labels.

    Version 5.32 (04/27/2018)
  • Added 4" x 6" roll labels.

    Version 5.31 (07/15/2015)
  • Changed to use HTML help.
  • Fixed problem with program hanging when returning from maintenance screens.

    Version 5.3 (08/19/2013)
  • Added a new BOL print layout that adds more detail lines, but removes the legal and COD area.
  • Added a new BOL print layout that is 5.5" tall (for dot matrix printers)

    Version 5.2003 (08/08/2013)
  • Fixed selection of the "Rush" carrier service on the BOL edit screen.

    Version 5.2002 (08/01/2013)
  • Fixed wording on US to Canada Customs button.

    Version 5.2001 (06/25/2013)
  • Added the ability to specify default email text.
  • Added the ability for multiple copies of bills of lading to have copy names.
  • Moved the timestamp to the bottom of the bill.

    Version 5.2000 (06/22/2013)
  • Added the ability to print the consignee on the right side of the BOL.
  • Added subject and body to email send screen.
  • Added "Service" to carrier and BOL.

    Version 5.1004 (06/17/2013)
  • Changed the color of the emergency information on the BOL to print as red.

    Version 5.1003 (06/04/2013)
  • Added city, state/province, and postal code to Consignees Maintenance grid
  • Added customs screen and form for US to Canada shipments.

    Version 5.1002 (05/22/2013)
  • Added timestamp option to BOL
  • Added customs NAFTA screen and form.

    Version 5.1001 (05/17/2013)
  • Added customs broker to the new Customs screen.
  • Changed detail grid on customs grid to calculate total price.

    Version 5.1000 (05/17/2013)
  • Fixed the Rig Expense Tracker interface to work on 64-bit machines.
  • Added Customs screen and form for Canada to US shipments.

    Version 5.0000 (08/20/2012)
  • Made the "Bill Details" headings darker and more readable.
  • Switched registration to new, permanent registration scheme.
  • Check for Updates will now display what has changed before downloading the update.

    Version 4.0200 (03/15/2012)
  • Fixed BOL to not print "Remit To" label on 3rd party shipments.

    Version 4.0100 (03/07/2012)
  • Added encrypted e-mail registration.

    Version 4.0000 (11/11/2011)
  • Added ability to pull names and addresses onto a bill from a Rig Expense Tracker open load.
  • Changed the "Check for Updates" to download updates directly from the website and launch the update program.
  • Expanded the emergency fields to 120 characters.

    Version 3.30 (03/31/2011)
  • Added weight type (lbs or kg) to bill "Weight" heading. Use defaults screen to set.
  • Expanded emergency field from 30 to 60 characters.
  • Added ability to renumber a bill.

    Version 3.20 (03/11/2011)
  • Added "3rd Party" to freight charges.
  • Added search boxes to carriers, consignees, equipment, and origins maintenance screens.

    Version 3.10 (02/02/2011)
  • Added Special Instructions lock.
  • Added Avery 5126 label layout.

    Version 3.00 (10/04/2010)
  • Major rewrite of the interface.

    Version 2.70 (04/30/2010)
  • Revised backup/restore to delete temporary files more efficiently.
  • Added SMTP port number to email defaults.
  • Resized grids per screen display width.
  • Allowed all grid column sizes to be changed and remembered.

    Version 2.60 (11/16/2009)
  • Added "File - Save As New Bill" to allow cloning an existing bill.
  • Added search field on bill look-up screen.
  • Added "Shipped" flag to "Bill" page. Bills marked as shipped will now display as green on the Bill Manager screen.
  • Added "Freight Charges" to "Bill 2" page.
  • Added "Closed Bills by Carrier" and "Closed Bills by State or Province" reports.
  • Expanded Consignee and Origin name & address fields to 40 characters.
  • Added "Blank" as an option for Freight Charges terms.

    Version 2.50 (07/31/2009)
  • Changed registration to attempt to "Complete Registration" when pending period expires.
  • Due to old/non-updated tools provided by Dymo, the references to Dymo label have been removed.
  • Added phone number on "Deliver To" line.

    Version 2.40 (04/15/2009)
  • Added ability to import data from a Fast-PO data file (see
  • Added special instructions box.
  • Changed equipment to allow up to 5 lines of description per part.
  • Defaulted all "..." look-up fields to sort by name.
  • Added Emergency contact field under shipper's signature.
  • Added ability to have special instructions on labels.

    Version 2.30 (01/28/2009)
  • Added ability to move detail lines up and down.
  • Added ability to duplicate a detail line.
  • Added ability to copy (clone) consignees, carriers, and origins.
  • Added ability to back up and restore files from within the software.
  • Added ability to upload a backup to ALMSys, Inc.

    Version 2.20 (04/01/2008)
  • Revised directory structure to be more compatible with Windows Vista. This splits the data between the Program Files folder and a separate data folder, whose location is based on the OS on the computer.
  • Added "Bill 2" page for new declaration fields.
  • Added pallet labels and Dymo (CoStar) labels.
  • Added Consignee signature line at bottom of bill.
  • Added more e-mail addresses and revised e-mail selection for BOLs

    Version 2.10 (02/14/2008)
  • Added carrier address to BOL.
  • Changed HazMat fields to be character, rather than numeric. This way, you can "X" the field.
  • Change BOL page numbering to be "Page nn of nn" format.
  • Added shipper certification clause.

    Version 2.01 (11/11/2007)
  • Revised edits to disallow blank Number fields for Origins, Consignees, Carries, and Equipment.

    Version 2.00 (08/26/2007)
  • Changed database from Borland Database Engine (BDE) to Advantage. This is required for Windows Vista.
  • Revised BOL and added space for a 1-inch by 1-inch logo in the upper, left-hand corner.
  • Added option to suppress automatic check for program update.
  • Bills may be exported as a PDF.
  • Bills may be emailed to the origin, carrier and/or the consignee (as PDF attachment).
  • Changed Reference/PO so that the "Ref./PO:" on the BOL is optional. See Defaults page to change.
  • Added ability to mass delete old BOLs.
  • Added option to default to a "Home" or first carrier on new bills.
  • Added option to specify a default "Vehicle Number" or "Pick-Up Date & Time" value on new bills.
  • Added option to specify a default "Route" or "Delivery Data & Time" value on new bills.

    Version 1.60 (01/26/2007)
  • Made the Reference/PO a larger font on the BOL. This prints in parenthesis on the right side above the origin name. Also, changed the format so that it will identify the data, like: "(Ref./PO: xxxxxxx)."

    Version 1.50 (01/26/2006)
  • Product renamed from "Lading Manager (tm)" to "Lading Manager Lite" to differentiate from the full version of the Lading Manager.
  • Revised registration procedures.
  • Made screen controls expand to fill different screen resolutions better.
  • Disabled the French language version.
  • Added automatic check for updates every 90 days.

    Version 1.40 (12/02/2001)
  • Added ability to copy an existing bill to a new bill.
  • Added Reports page and Summary Report (English only)
  • Fixed bill to print the shipper name correctly in "Section 7" signature area.
  • Added ability to use a specific origin in the "Remit To" area.
  • Added French (Canadian) as option. (Note: Most of the screen areas and pop-up messages will appear in French. Calendars are in English, as is the overall F1 help. It is intended to provide F1 help in French in a future release.)

    Version 1.30 (09/20/2001)
  • Added ability to specify Consignee as "remit to" (or "bill to" for 3rd party billing).

    Version 1.20 (07/11/2001)
  • Changed bill details to a courrier font for easier readability.
  • Added "Hazmat Reg. Number" to Carrier file and printed on bill.
  • Increased the font size of "Date" and "BOL #" fields.
  • Added "Vehicle Number" field and ability to toggle label to "Pick-Up Date & Time". Added Default field.
  • Added "Route" field and ability to toggle label to "Delivery Date & Time". Added Default field.
  • Suppressed "Remit To" on third party bills.
  • Added ability of automatically filling in "Signature of Consignor" with Shipper Name.

    Version 1.11 (06/12/2001)
  • Fixed bug dealing with hyphen in bill number.

    Version 1.10 (04/25/2001)
  • Changed "Shipper" to "Company."
  • Added "Origins" file to allow for multiple Shippers.
  • Added ability to use Lading Manager as a third party shipper.
  • Added Origin and Consignee reference/po number fields. These will print on the bill above the name and in parenthesis.
  • Added Carrier, Origin, and Consignee phone numbers on the printed bill.
  • Changed "Shipper No." label to "BOL #" on the printed bill.

    Version 1.02 (04/04/2001)
  • Fixed registration to be smoother.

    Version 1.01 (03/24/2001)
  • Added direct link to online registration site.