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Serial Shipping Container Labels

Set Up
You must establish a numbering system before you should attempt to print these types of labels. Go to Defaults Maintenance to establish this set up.

How Packages are Split Up Between Handling Units
There are defaults for how many packages are to be used per handling unit. For example, if you typically put 50 cartons on a pallet, then set your default to 50 in Defaults Maintenance. If this number varies based on what you are shipping, then predefine the product in Predefined Carrier Information and set the correct default there.

Whatever you set up as a default, you will be able to override this before printing the pallet labels. For example, say you set the default to 50 cartons per pallet, and you are shipping 3 pallets of 140 cartons. The program will set this up as 3 labels of 50, 50, and 40. If you are shipping 1 pallet of 55, then the program will set this up as 1 pallet of 55. You will be able to modify the carton count on entries that have multiple pallets.

Where to Create These Labels
These labels are printed from the Carrier Info. page on the Bill Maintenance screen. There are special fields in the carrier information that are used only for these labels. Make sure those fields have been filled in.