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Inventory Locations

Inventory locations are used on the inventory received record. Locations must be defined before they may be used.

Screen Layout
The entire list of location information is displayed on the left side of the screen. Location information is changed on the right side of the screen.

Adding a New Entry
Press the Add button to add a new entry. A new entry will be established with "New" as its data.

Location Number
Each line that you input must be unique. Do not use the single quote character ' in this field.

Press the Save button to save your changes.

Editing Data
Information may be changed at any time. Simply locate the data in the list on the left and click on it in the list. Then, change the information on the right side of the screen as needed. Don't forget to press the Save button when you are finished.

Deleting Data
To delete a location, locate the data in the list on the left and click on it. Then, press the Delete button. You will be asked to confirm the delete. Locations that are still referenced in inventory may not be deleted.