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Layout / How To
Reports are categorized and subcategorized to help you determine find the right report. Click on the column headings in the grid to resort the display by that column.

To run a report, either double click on the report title, or single click on the report title and press the button. (See Reports for step-by-step instructions on report running.)

Upon running a report, you will be taken to the print queue.

Special Exports
BOL Export 1: This button will create an Excel export that was written for Quickbooks import. The fields exported are: 
  • RCtr: Record counter
  • CarrierInfoCommodityDesc: Carrier Information Commodity Description
  • Carrier InfoHandling Quantity: Carrier Information Handling Quantity
  • CarrierInfoHandlingType: Carrier Information Handling Type
  • ConsAddress1: Consignee Address Line 1
  • ConsName: Consignee Name
  • ConsPostalCode: Consignee Postal Code
  • ConsStateOrProvince: Consignee State or Province Code
  • LadingBOLNo: Bill of Lading Number
  • LadingDate: Bill of Lading Date
  • LadingSpclInst: Bill of Lading Special Instructions. (Line breaks are removed and replaced with spaces.)
  • OriginAddress1: Origin Address Line 1
  • OriginCity: Origin City
  • OriginName: Origin Name
  • OriginPostalCode: Origin Postal Code
  • OriginStateOrProvince: Origin State or Province Code
  • RptStartDate: Start Date 
  • RptEndDate: End Date
  • RptRecMonth: Bill of Lading Month (from Bill of Lading Date)
  • RptRecDay: Bill of Lading Day (from Bill of Lading Date)
  • RptRecYear: Bill of Lading Year (from Bill of Lading Date)
  • RptRecYM: Bill of Lading Year and Month (YYYYMM format) (from Bill of Lading Date)
  • Copyright
  • RunDate: Date export was run