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Bill Manager

The Bill Manager provides a list of the bills that have been created. You will be positioned at the end of the file, which should be the last bill created. Bills that appear in green have been shipped.

The Bill Manager displays a number of columns from the data on existing bills. You may reorder the display by any column simply by clicking on its heading.

Select a bill to view/edit by either double clicking on it in the list or by clicking on it and then pressing the Select button located at the top of the display. You may also double click on the bill to be viewed.

A bill may be deleted by clicking on it and then pressing the Delete button. You will be asked to confirm the delete. A group of  bills may be deleted by clicking on the first bill to be deleted, then holding down the shift key, and finally clicking on the last bill to be deleted. All bills in between will be highlighted. Delete the bills with the Delete button.

You can also copy (or "clone") an existing bill to a new bill by pressing the Copy button located at the bottom of the display. Copying an existing bill will copy all fields and detail lines to the next lading number.

Older bills mave be removed from the Bill Manager display, but not deleted, by moving them to history. Do this by 1) selecting the bill(s) to be moved and 2) pressing the Move Bill(s) to History button.

Bills may be printed from the Bill Manager. Simply select the desired bills to be printed and press the button.