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Thank you for using "Lading Manager (tm)!" We appreciate your patronage.

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This program is designed to produce bills of lading and to track prior bills. (The system was written for businesses in North America.)

  • Follows VICS voluntary guidelines for the bill of lading.
  • Stores all of the carriers' names,  addresses, and contact information that you need.
  • Stores all of the consignees' (destinations) names, addresses, and contact information that you need.
  • Allows for multiple shippers (origins) and third party shippers.
  • Performs basic inventory tracking, allowing inventory to be pushed or pulled onto bills.
  • Keeps carrier's default COD fee so you don't forget to include it.
  • Remembers if consignee pays the COD fee or if it is prepaid.
  • Remembers if consignee pays the freight charges or if they are prepaid.
  • Automatically numbers the bill of lading with a numbering scheme that follows industry standards.
  • Stores descriptions that you commonly use on your bills.
  • No special forms are needed. Will print the entire bill on your laser (or inkjet) printer using blank paper.
  • Data may be imported from outside sources.
  • Comprehensive reporting module.

    Unregistered versions of "Lading Manager (tm)" will restrict its usage so that you can see what it will do before you purchase the software. These restrictions are lifted upon payment and registration. Registration information can be found in help topic How to Register.

    I wrote this program mainly as a favor to my good friends at Mid-Minnesota Wire & Manufacturing in Forest Lake, MN. I hated to see forms being hand typed on typewriters when there was a perfectly good laser printer within arm's reach. Thanks to their assistance, Lading Manager was born.

    Version 2.0 brought a network version into the picture as well as standardization of the bill of lading. Thanks to the folks at VICS and the Uniform Code Council for their friendly and prompt assistance.

    Version 3.0 brought inventory tracking. Thanks to Ed Palomo in New Jersey for the suggestion and to Kirk McElhinney at Mid-Minnesota Wire & Manufacturing for some additional insights. Thank you also to Dave Mazzarell at Lab Express in New Jersey for suggesting and testing the new import orders interface.

    Version 4.0 and beyond......the ideas keep coming in. Thanks to all who send in program change requests; it makes the product better for everyone.

    -- Rick Stephens